Generation Meme

MemeCrusher is a tool that enables you to create a meme, or viral image, really easily. Your meme is ready for you to share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, et cetera. We all know that the internet runs on memes, and now so can your communications. These can be images of anything, including people, animals, signs, and symbols. Plus, all essential GIF making tools to add text, filters, loops, etc.

GIF file will automatically be added to the timeline. As previously mentioned, Internet Memes work brilliantly with online marketing campaigns, and have a knack for going viral throughout social media networks and popular discussion boards. For those new to the software, this 5-minute tutorial might give you a rough idea on how to go about Photoshopping your meme.

As memes don't have a very long lifespan, you want to make Compilation sure that it gets as much exposure as possible in a certain span of time. So, if your tweet, your video, or whatever social media content you create, contains at least one of these 4 elements it at least has a chance to go viral.

The image you choose is supposed to be witty, clever, or just funny in order to help getting your meme viral. Aside from this familiar form, memes can also be a video, GIF, saying, an event or pretty much anything that can be copied or slightly changed and go viral across the web.

Memes can convey messages at an unconscious level and such messages are likely to remain in people's minds for a longer time than a professionally created ad copy. I'll show you how to use the Cutout tool to add Phteven to a different background and create a parody meme.

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